We provide a variety of presentations and training session delivered face to face and through our Online Academy.

— Below are a few of our current presentations and training courses.–

Special Education Annual Directors’ Meeting (October 25, 2018  8:30–10:30AM)

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First annual Transition Coordinators for training

April 18: Therabilities hosts it’s first annual Transition Coordinators for training the region’s public schools, vo-techs, and cyber/charter school representatives. Training highlights included Teaching Safe Sexuality to Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities, Designing Employment Focused E-Portfolios, Thinking out of the Box about Visual Supports, Self Advocacy and Disclosure

TherAbilities conducts training and in-service programs for educators, therapists, behavioral professionals, parent groups, preschool, and early intervention audiences.

Currently we offer face-to-face training designed for a variety of settings, including our clinical office.

We recently started building online training that is delivered through our
Learning-Training Center (link opens in new tab/window).

Learning-Training Center: Technical Support request form (Try to respond to in less than 24 hours).

You can see an example training delivered by TherAbilities’ Director Tammy Sarracino:

Video Presentation on Strength-Based Practices in School Service Delivery

Please contact Tammy Sarracino, Director, for descriptions and pricing.



Making “Sense” of Behavior: Understanding the Relationships Between Behavior and Sensation Promoting Sensory and Self Regulation Development for Young Children Supporting the Sensory and Regulatory Needs of Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
Adaptations for Physical Educators and Adaptive Physical Education IPADS for School-Based Therapy Services Assistive Technology Supports in Education
Evidence-Based Hand-Writing Practices: Setting Children Up for Early Success De-Escalation Strategies That Work Differential Reinforcement for Effective Classroom or Home Management
Addressing Fluency in Speech Therapy Programming The ABC’s of Behavior: Assessment and Intervention Principles for Youth Creating Effective Social Communication Skills

Please contact Tammy Sarracino, Director, for descriptions and pricing.

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