Online Course -Body Mechanics & Safe Lifting….

Course: Body Mechanics and Safe Lifting Techniques in Education
Using safe and healthy body mechanics during any lifts or transfers.



Training Time: 60 minutes
Delivery: Online Video – 22 lessons
Continuing Education Credits: PA Compliant
Closed Caption: Text Equivalent

The course will cover:

Working with students with special needs requires many educational professionals to assist with lifts and/or transfers.  This online course, Body Mechanics and Safe Lifting Techniques for Special Education​,  explains and demonstrates safe lifting techniques for you and your students.

The course will cover:

  • Why is Safe Lifting Important?
  • Anatomy of the Back
  • Common Back Problems
  • Types of Back Injuries
  • Planning the Lift
  • Plan Lift – Student
  • Plan Lift – Caregiver
  • Plan Lift – Environment
  • Weight Limits
  • Safe Lifting Guidelines
  • Demonstration of Lifts
  • Mechanical Lifts
  • Stretching
  • Lifestyle

Special Step-by-Step Video Explanations and Demonstrations…

  • Two Person Lifts
  • Stand, Pivot, Transfer Lifts
  • Lift from Floor – From Knees
  • Lift with Support Surface
  • Lift with No Support Surface

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