TherAbilities Offers Teletherapy Services for Speech and Occupational Therapy

Teletherapy provides many benefits to our clients.   We use a secure interactive video/audio method for providing speech therapy  delivered through a computer and internet at a location convenient to the client.

The setup is similar to using Skype, but our sessions use the tools and processes of an experienced therapist.

Here are just a few advantages of Teletherapy:

  • Therapy conducted in familiar environment
  • Convenience of avoiding travel or transitions
  • Therapy can continue regardless of many circumstances affecting the viability of live therapies
  • Increased scheduling flexibility

VIEW – Technical Setup Requirements

If you would like to learn more about our Teletherapy services, please contact our office at:

Phone: (717) 540-9218

If you tell us about your needs we can also find a solution for you.

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