It’s very hard to summarize in a few sentences the impact Therabilities has had on our son and our family. Therabilities has provided comprehensive individualized superior quality therapy to my son in the school setting as well as clinical and social group setting. I can say undoubtedly that my son would not have progressed to where he is today without the support of Therabilities. After having numerous therapy experiences we feel Therabilities is by far the leader in pediatric therapy services in central Pennsylvania. Therabilities has improved our son’s quality of life and independence. Our family is thriving and our son is succeeding! We are so grateful!
-Katie (Parent)

We cannot speak more highly of the staff at TherAbilities. They value the uniqueness of each child and the role of each parent in the process. They were a valuable resource to our family as we began to understand the sensory needs of our children. We came to TherAbilities confused and uncertain about the future. They have given us the tools and support to find success and to hope for a bright future. We do not hesitate to recommend them.”

-Jon & Katrina (Parents)

We have a developmentally delayed son, now five years old, and we wanted to do whatever we could to help him reach his full potential. A friend recommended TherAbilities, and from day one they have treated us like family. It is so reassuring to see our son receive speech and occupational therapy from individuals that are professional and truly care about their clients, and to do so in a facility that is designed to deliver services with appropriate materials, rewards, and minimal distractions. Our son is excited to see his therapists and to perform for them, and his successes are achieved in an atmosphere of high expectations but low pressure.”


“Not only does the TherAbilities staff provide our son excellent therapy, they also give us helpful advice and insights to help make our efforts in nurturing and teaching our son at home more focused and more effective. This guidance is crucial as we strive to reinforce the skills being taught during each therapy session. Heidi, occupational therapist, and Casey, speech therapist, have always provided session notes that are thorough and helpful. The office manager, Jessica, is very friendly and very helpful with scheduling, and the owner, Tammy, is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of therapy as well as the resources available to us and our son above and beyond what is offered at TherAbilities. The expertise of the TherAbilities staff has been instrumental in helping our son as he continues to grow, and it has been very enjoyable to watch him achieve new milestones. We look forward to continuing to partner with TherAbilities as we try to provide our son with the tools he needs to succeed to the best of his abilities.”

-Michael and Melanie (Parents)

We are so fortunate to have such a highly-specialized pediatric therapy group here in Harrisburg. Tammy, Heidi, Casey, and the rest of the TherAbilities staff are knowledgeable, experienced and highly-qualified professionals who offer a warm, nurturing and fun atmosphere where they encourage children to develop, grow and enjoy.”

We have seen an enormous improvement in our son Ben’s skills, including fine and gross motor, social, sensory and oral motor.

Ben looks forward to spending time in TherAbilities’ clean and secure environment. Every effort is made to understand his individual needs. We, as a family, are grateful to the staff for their year-round treatment and availability.”

-Phylanne (Parent)

I started my career with TherAbilities, and after several moves throughout the country, returned to TherAbilities when my family returned to the Harrisburg area. Returning to TherAbilities felt like coming home for me! Tammy is very approachable and understanding and gets what it means to be a working mom. I feel like I work in a very supportive environment and have grown tremendously as an occupational therapist while working with TherAbilities.”

-Brenda (Employee)

“We have known Tammy for several years. She has provided our son with OT, group therapy and a variety of other services that have been beneficial to our son and our family. Tammy is extremely knowledgeable, personable and approachable. TherAbilities is a one of a kind, innovative resource in this area. They serve a need that is not met by any other facility.”

-Ange (Parent)

“Friendship Group is very helpful and fun. I enjoy talking to and meeting new friends who are just like me.”

-Brandon (Client)

“They teach you things to help you with your feelings. I learn things that will help me when I’m angry. The kids I met here are nice. Friendship group helps you learn to be nice and have fun with other kids.”

-Justice (Client)

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